Anthropologie Crossed Spoons Plate Stand Hack

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share with you this little project I worked on a few weeks ago. I am so in love with decor stuff from anthropologie, but they are so pricey sometimes and I refused to pay over $20 for a plate stand, so I decided to make my own.


Anthropologie vs My Version

I bought the spoons for about $0.25 a piece. As I got home, I was excited to clean them up and start the project. When I washed them with Bark Keepers Friend, I also washed that old vintage look away. It was so frustrating (That’s what I loved the most about the spoons). I then had to take some paint and make them look old again. I used some metallic silver acrylic paint and antique wax I already had. I applied the silver paint first with a sponge, and finished with the wax for the antique-vintage look.


Before – After Antiquing Process

I waited for them  to dry and glued the spoons together with hot glue. Then I took a cheap metal plate holder that I also painted to give it the antique look, cut the bottom center part, and glued the spoons on to it. I pressed very hard until it dried.




And that was it! very easy and cheap. I made it with only $5. I was so happy with it and it was a perfect addition to my cupboard.

Anthropologie Crossed Spoon Plate Holder Hack

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!




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