Keeping Your Home Organized


One of the hardest things to do is to keep a home organized, especially if you have children. You pay the cleaning lady to clean the house, and 10 min after she leaves, there are toys everywhere. One of the things I personally do is declutter. Donate or give away whatever you won’t use anymore. Trust me, you won’t use any of those stuff you have been saving for years. It is just stuff! I will guide you step by step to keep your house organized.

First, declutter. You will be impressed by the amount of stuff you had that you didn’t use. Now you will have a lot of empty space that you can use to organize what you actually need. Never organize what you can discard, there is no point; it is a waste of time, money, and energy.

Second, buy some pretty containers and double purpose furniture. It is the easiest way to keep your home organized and stylish at the same time. You can use baskets, trunks, storage benches, ottomans, etc.

I love the trunk I have in my kitchen-dinning idea. I used to have this one in the guest bedroom in our last apartment. Now I am forced to have it outside and I love the look of it by the dining table. I use it to keep the Christmas stuff, but if you have kids, it would be great to keep toys in it.

When it comes to the closets, I use these boxes to keep shorts, t-shirts, bags, belts, and even a set of extra sheets – I don’t have a linen closet. They are great because they help me create extra storage space in my tiny closet. I also have some in my laundry closet. Sometimes it is so hard to keep that closet organized, especially if you don’t have any cabinets. I usually use these baskets to store paper towels, laundry supplies, electronic manuals, batteries, cables, and some cleaning supplies. I love them.

Other containers that can be quite useful are some plastic containers. I get them at Walmart and they are so cheap. I usually get two sizes. I used these ones for my pantry, my fridge, my bathroom cabinets, etc. They cost about $1 or $2 each. If you have children and your fridge is a mess with all the snacks, get some of these. You can use them to separate the juices, fruits, leftovers, bottles, etc. I specially love them under the kitchen sink cabinet. I have 2 of the big size and use them to keep the cleaning supplies in place.

Now that I gave you a few ideas, go ahead and start decluttering and putting everything in place. The options are endless and you will have a lot of fun.

I will leave my top 10 storage baskets and boxes. These are my favorite ones and I have them in my own house.

top 10

  1. Ikea MAGGA Basket, sea-grass
  2. Ikea KOTTEBO Basket, coconut palm leaf
  3. Ikea KNIPSA Basket, sea-grass
  4. Ikea DRÖNA Box, black
  5. Ikea BYHOLMA Basket, gray 
  6. Target Y Weave Small Storage Bin – White
  7. Target Round Decorative Basket with Chalkboard
  8. Target Whitmor Nesting Decorative Basket Set of 3
  9. Walmart Sterilite Large Stacking Basket- White
  10. Target InterDesign Crochet Large Round Bin




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