Master Bedroom Progress

Hello Everyone!

I’ve wanting to do something in my bedroom, but I was not sure what. My bedroom has a very odd shape kind of like this:



This is what I did:

Some amazing and very creative people from a Facebook Group called “HGTV Fixer Upper Show Followers”, gave me the idea of faking a window to balance the room.

It was a HUGE change just by adding long curtains and faking one.

Since my night stands were too narrow and black, I decided to bring the ones from the guest bedroom to the master bedroom. They were wider, taller, open, and white, which I liked better.


Then I removed one lamp and added a vase with flowers. I also added white candle holders that I repainted and distressed myself. I put some keep sake boxes, old books, and a basket as an electronic charging station for my husband.


I picked two small black curtain rods for $10, and two 6’ x 9’ drop cloth from Home Depot and made beautiful panels. I will blog about that project soon. I wanted the Ikea Aina 100% linen I have thorough the house, but I wasn’t going to spend $100 buying a pair of panels for each window. The drape Curtains turned out to be very nice; they have a nice oatmeal color and the texture is just like linen. I am in love with them. I wish I had discovered this before. I would have saved myself a lot of money.

Then I went to my favorite vintage store and picked this basket:


I am not sure yet what the basket was for, probably fruits. I wired it myself to save some money and it turned out to be a beautiful rustic chandelier for my bedroom. I am blogging about the project soon as well. It was supper easy. It literally took me about 15 min to wire it (Most of the 15 min I used it unpacking the supplies).

I also painted and distressed this Ikea dresser white to match the night stands.


Now the second part of the problem is my AC Unit. We cannot have Central Ac because there is not enough space for the duct. For that reason, we have to have mini splits. They work great and save us a TON of money in the electric bill….But they are so ugly! I am thinking I will create something like a TV cabinet with maybe an old door or something. I thought of building a shelf with a hole at the bottom to let the air go through, add some frames and candle holders, but I don’t have the right tools to build it.


What do you guys think?


Here is with the pendant on.






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