Painting My Dinning Table White

Hello everyone


This was probably one of the craziest things I have done. First, let me tell you the story behind the table. Last year, right before we started house hunting, my ex boss and friend from when I was a nanny asked me if I wanted some of her (two or three-year old) furniture. She had decided to change some of it and….come on! Free furniture? I had a nice dining table, but I liked hers better since it had more character.

We moved into our house and guess what? I did not like the look of the table in here. Over the weeks and after pinning a few ideas on my pinterest board, I decided to paint the table white!

Here the step by step…It was super easy!

  • First I went to Michael’s with my 40% coupons and bought the paint. I used Americana Decor in everlasting color. I used 3 for the whole table.
  • Then, I lightly sanded the entire table with a fine sand paper.
  • I gave the table 3 coats and let it dry for 1 hour in between coats.
  • I also lightly sanded it in between coats.
  • The best part is distressing. I used different weights of sand paper to distress it in the edges and joints.
  • I let the table cure for 24 hours before I apply the protective finish. i read a few blogs about finishing and honestly, I was not going to re wax my table every few months, so I decided to go with the water based polycrylic.
  • I gave it 3 coats of polycrylic, letting it cure 1 hour and sanding it in between coats.
  • I finally let it cure for 2 days before I used it.
  • After a few weeks, I decided to wax it to give it that smooth finish I wanted it at the beginning.

Just make sure to use wax as the last step. If you are using polycrylic and wax together, wax must be last!

Before: It had a more tough look. It was not really the look I wanted. However, it was a very nice and expensive table.
Americana Decor in Everlasting color.
literally I asked my husband, what do you think about painting the table white? …. 1 hour later when he got home, he saw this!

it was getting real in here.

I am in love with the distressed look.
Finished Table

Enjoying painting your furniture, explore new things, and have fun!




2 thoughts on “Painting My Dinning Table White

  1. I LOVE it! thanks for taking the time to put all this down for everyone. I do this stuff too and you are so much like me with your style! Are you a decorator/designer?

    1. Hi Pamela! I am trying to turn my passion for art and design into a career. Thank you for all the nice comments. It truly inspires me to keep up trying. If you have a blog, I would love to see your work as well. I just love how through the social media I can connect with so many talented people.

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