Patio and Landscaping Inspiration

Everyone knows that landscaping can be very expensive. Now, imagine if you had a .25 acre lot and a 1,400 sq. ft. house. It is scary, but the big backyard was actually why we fell in love with our house.

Good news! We are starting with some baby steps to fix it.  We want a rustic, country look (even in the yard) and started to hunt some reclaimed clay bricks. I found 100 years old bricks on craigslist (crazy right?) and immediately we decided to do a brick patio. We initially wanted only 300 sq. ft., but ended up with 700 sq. ft. including a little pathway on the side yard.


We still have a long way to go, but I will keep posting updates. Hopefully in a year or two, the backyard will be done. For now, I delight my eyes with some inspiration.

Source: Magnolia Homes for HGTV


Source: Magnolia Homes


Source: Bower Power


Source: Lovely Spaces


Source: Sugar and Charm


Source: Red Cover
Source: Red Cover


Source: This Old House Photo By: Mark Lohman


Source: This Old House Photo By: Mark Lohman


Source: Rebekah from Wild Ink Press
Source: Rebekah from Wild Ink Press


Source: Pia Ulin for Vogue

We have decided to plant Dutch White Clover as ground-cover in our yard. Most of the grass is dead and it will cost us a fortune to maintain a lawn that size. Dwarf Clover is low maintenance, doesn’t grow more than 4 inches, and needs little water.

Image Source




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