Play-Set Re-Do

We have been thinking about doing projects in our backyard for a while, but with so many things that have come lately, it seems impossible to even spend money in DIY projects. I haven’t been able to finish this project, but I figure, I will show you my progress.
When we purchased this house, it had the play set in the backyard. It was so worn out, but I knew I could bring it back to life.

This is the Play-Set before:

IMG_0574 (1)

Here is the list of the materials I used for this project:

• Electric Sander
• Sand paper 160 grit.
• Spray Paint: I used Yellow and Blue.
• Deck Paint: I used deck paint instead of stain because I didn’t want to sand the play-set down to bare wood. I used Behr Porch and Patio Floor Paint – Low-Luster Enamel in Coronado Color. I was looking for any brown color and it happened to be the exact same one. It is an orange-brown. Perfect for play-sets.

Here is what I did:



I first removed the chains, handles, swing, and painted them with the spray paint.


Then, I washed the play-set with the hose and scrubbed it to remove mildew and mold, let it dry. I gave the slide a few coats with blue spray paint.




Then I proceeded to sand the play-set and to give it one thick coat of paint. Let I dry and applied a second coat according to directions.

This is how it turned out!! I love it!!






I bought THIS garden edging at Home Depot for $20. I like it because it is 5” high and 40’ long. I need to purchase another one because 40’ wasn’t enough to go around the entire area. I want to put mulch (Rubber or wood chips). Rubber mulch would be too expensive for me, so I think I would go with wood chips. A friend of mine told me about engineered wood fiber. I have to check the price and compare. If I cannot afford the engineered wood fiber, then I would go with pine parks or regular shredded mulch. The cheaper the better.
I mostly want it for decoration because we still have no kids, so mainly our friends’ children would play in it occasionally.

If you have ideas  for playground cover, comment below and we can chat.




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